I said I'd stay with you forever...
My name is Rose Tyler. I use to be an ordinary girl who worked at the shop and had a pretty boring life... Until I met the Doctor.
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But, you had to go.

Oi, Doctor! | theta-sigma-the-lonely-god

Sitting in the park Rose sighed hard. Where the heck could he be!? She had made plans for them to meet up at the park since she had spent enough time at home. Enough time playing normal and was ready to go back out into the stars and see the universe. With her bags at her side her mum had left her an hour ago. Not ready to let her go again. It broke her heart, but… She couldn’t leave his world. She had made it clear she’d never leave him and she intended to keep it that way. After all who was gonna keep an eye on him and do the behind the scenes when the world needed him?

Smirking softly at that thought she sighed checking the time again. “Doctor… I’m gonna smack you a good one I will.” She muttered before she head the most beautiful sound in the world. The TARDIS. Looking up she chuckled softly as she could see her forming into a solid being before the door opened. Arching a brow she bit her tongue as he came out with that smart smirk of his. “You’re late!” She called before grabbing her thing’s and heading over.